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This page is provided to show the distinctive hallmarks of the Puma, and its features.

We have occasionally received reports of sandy brown to golden coloured big cats, that are clearly not Panthers (as do other areas of the country).

It gets confusing, because in America, the Puma is also called a Panther (e.g Florida Panther) in some states. We class a Panther as a black (melanistic) Leopard, from Asia and a Puma as the Americas Big Cat.

The Puma is known by various other names. Catamount, Cougar, Mountain- Lion. They are all the same animal. Found throughout the North and South Americas, the Puma is a very similar cat to the Panther in terms of stealth and survivability. And adaptable dietary requirement however, it is a much bigger version of a domestic cat, and makes a similar noise (only much louder!). In the Rockies, they have been known to steal food from bears! So they are not as cuddly as they look.


Apart from their sandy to fawn colour,(although very very rare can be grey to black).

Pumas also have distinctive long legs in proportion to their bodies, not dissimilar to Cheetahs and long thick tails. Their head tends to display their ears more than Panthers, who's ears often lie low.

Below are some classic Puma pictures, click thumbnail to enlarge;




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